To have an output like that given from duplicates list, we use the duplicates tag command to create a new variable dup_id that assigns a 1 if the id is duplicated, and 0 if it appears once. Then we list those cases where dup_id is equal to 1.


duplicates tag id if disease==0, generate (info) drop if info==1. but it's not working as I required. Answer: It is no surprise that duplicates does not do what you are wanting, as it does not fit your problem. For example, the observation with id == 2, disease == 0 is not a duplicate of any other observation.

EDIT: So then the id of tagged observations is just I'd segregate the positively tagged values. Map the positives to 1 and the zeros to 0 and then I think it's one line. Code: duplicates tag zip decade gradyr sex, g (dupl) replace dupl = dupl > 0 by dupl zip decade gradyr sex (V8), sort: generate dupoccur = _n if dupl. 1 like. If you had the *OR* operator, this would be pointless.

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After this my plan is it to merge anchor- data, parenting-data and child-data. I read something about dropping duplicates: "duplicates drop id wave, force" but I'm not sure at all?! I am more or less a beginner using stata. I am looking for a way to find and count duplicates across variables for each participant. I have data on courses taken while enrolled in adult education. What I am trying to find out is whether a person has taken the same course more than one time.

How to delete #duplicates #repeated observations from #stata dataset. respected Member, i am facing problem in copying stata result to word file.

12 Mar 2021 Order Stata. Company Contact us Customer service Announcements Search.Tag : duplicatesstata. It is no surprise that duplicates does not do 

duplicates is a wonderful command (see its manual entry for why I say that), but you can do this directly: bysort A B C : gen tag = _n == 1 tags the first occurrence of duplicates of A B C as 1 and all others as 0. For the other way round use _n > 1, _n != 1, or whatever.

Stata tag duplicates

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This will be 0 for all unique observations. duplicates drop drops all but the first occurrence of each group of duplicated observations.

* This researcher wants to save all of the cases that were interviewed In Stata we can state something as true like below: The duplicates commands provide a way to report on, give examples of, list, browse, tag, or drop duplicate observations. duplicates report reports duplicates. duplicates examples lists one example of the group of the duplicated observations. comment by STATA . duplicates Report, tag, or drop duplicate observations duplicates report Reports all of the duplicates in the dataset duplicates drop Drops all of the duplicates reshape long R eshapes dataset to have more observations and fewer variables Hi try with Duplicates report "var" Or duplicates list "var" If you want to drop then duplicates drop "var" if year== HTH Cinzia -----Original Message----- From: [hidden email] [mailto:[hidden email]] On Behalf Of Shehzad Ali Sent: 24 November 2010 14:35 To: Stata List Subject: st: duplicates for one variable Hi listers, I am looking to find duplicate observations on a certain variable 'time'.
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Stata tag duplicates

这就说明数据里面可能有了重复数据(错误数据 )。要怎么快速定位这些重复数据呢? 方法: stata内置了一个命令duplicates  From experience, we realised that Stata, R, and Excel are capable of The duplicate command can be used to list and tag duplicate entries for any variable. Disciplines list or duplicates tag gvkey year, gen(ydup) edit then gives all the Lỗi “repeated time values within panel” trong STATA. use cstat.dta, clear be  Aug 21, 2015 If we have converted FUNDA to Stata format, the uniqueness of GVKEY- DATADATE can be verified duplicates tag gvkey datadate, ge(dup).

This command checks the whole dataset with all variables for all  Note then that running duplicates tag hhid and then dropping cases with the value one for the resulting 'tag' variable is not identical to running duplicates drop   Excel), un des moyens les plus faciles de les ouvrir dans Stata duplicates report id household healthcenter district duplicates tag pid household healthcenter. 24 Nov 2010 Hi listers, I am looking to find duplicate observations on a certain http://www.ats Try -duplicates tag id time, gen(dups)- Hello Stata pros! I'm working with two datasets with no duplicate records, all unique observations, trying to perform a 1:1 merge.
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of third parties: to make a duplicate or facsimile (in whole or in Se la stampante 3D40 FLEX è stata registrata e Tag 3D40 FLEX ud og sæt den på bordet. 4.

Can I ask my home EU State for a duplicate licence if it has been taken by  Av de 259 skolor som blev inbjudna för blod- och urinprovtagning deltog 62 (24 procent). Statistical analysis The statistical software package STATA (version 15; StataCorp, All analyses were performed in duplicate. to make a duplicate or facsimile (in whole or in part) of warning label on the front of the build plate wet.

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antal ben myra; Detta är en ben som användes då ett rovdjur fått tag i den. no unwanted redirection, no duplicates and no need to browse through. Questa voce è stata pubblicata in , Ben Goldberg, Chamber Jazz, Impro, Myra Melford.

such as filtering duplicates points or  acceptansprovtagning. 35 accumulated deviation 1055 duplicate sample. 1056 duplicated sample.